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Nazareth Royal

This top-of-the-range cheese has a deliciously fresh and nutty taste. The royal branch of the Nazareth range is a light cheese with a refined hole structure. The edible rind encases a smooth interior which slowly melts on the tongue. It is no great surprise that the Royal is the perfect melting cheese. Its refined flavours and nutty taste will infuse extra taste into your meals.

'His Royal Cheeseness' has a soft character, but don't be fooled: it has spicy surprises up its sleeve! It has a wonderfully creamy and smooth texture, but also intense spicy flavours. Over the years, our cheese master has perfected and refined its taste to make it one of the finest cheese flavours in the country. Every Royal is matured in the best conditions, with the perfect room temperature and humidity. This partly accounts for the intense character and spicy aftertaste of the cheese. Using the best quality milk from local cows gives this Belgian royal its authentic character. 

Patience really is a virtue then for the crafting and maturing of the Royal, but don't wait too long if the Nazareth Royal is brought to the table. This star of the cheeseboard might well become the centre of attention. And then you need to be quick!

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